Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Huge!!! Satsumo from M&S via FPJ

Taking a break and reading through my daily digest of the Fresh Produce Journal in digital form FreshInfoNews I came across this huge news story.

Take a look at this fresh produce beauty by Marks & Spencer has crossed the rope with its new citrus offer – the Satsumo.

Pic courtesy of David G Steadman
The new satsuma variety, supplied by Cambridgeshire-based business MMUK, weighs in at 350g and has an average circumference of 30cm. Satsumas are normally around 6-7cm in circumference and weighs less that 60g.

The Satsumo is to hit stores on Saturday priced at £1.99 per kilo.

The fruit is of Japanese origin and has been produced by crossing a Japanese Kiyomi – which is a satsuma crossed with an orange and a Ponkan, which is a large Chinese mandarin.
It has a distinctive nip in the top of the fruit to make it easy to peel and eat and has a sweeter flavour than a satsuma and a clementine.

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